Friday, October 17, 2008

The Stars

Thought I would introduce some of my athletes.
First there is Doodle. Doodle is the most amazing racehorse in the world.
Well, he is to me.
The Doodle has been with me for going on 4 years. I picked him up out of the kill pen at a slaughter sale. His feet were broken down pretty bad.
Come to find out, he had actually raced with much promise, run in Allowance and even a Stakes race. I knew none of this when I took him home. The poor boy was having a tough time with those feet.
I went to work restoring his feet. Tracked down his medical history. He had had laminitis and a coffin joint infection, all while he was racing. Small wonder he didn't win any of those big races.

Over the last couple of years I thought I could bring him back to racing. But something always came up and the way I figured, if he wanted to train and race, he'd let me know.
Well, he's been in training since January. Barefoot. He is bred for the turf yet was never run on the turf. If this boy makes it to the races, they'll be turf races.

Then there is Darcy. I repo'ed her for a friend from a guy who bought her at the training center where I am stabled. She was a mental wreck. She had had 90 days training before arriving here but the guy who bought her stuck her in a stall for over a month and didn't do anything with her. By the time I picked her up and brought her to my barn, the poor thing was shaking with fear and anxiety. She's come a long way since, and has actually been going to the track for almost 2 weeks. Once in a while, Darcy is too comfy in her stall and no amount of coaxing and nudging will get her out of "bed".

We'll see how she progresses. I've talked to a friend of mine about maybe taking her on for a few months to see if she can fine-tune her training a little. Loosy-Goosy (that's her nickname) tends to be a bit on the nervous side. She likes to know the person who is messing about with her, whether that's a rider or a groom or whoever. If she doesn't know you, you're not touching her. She also won't behave well for just anyone. This is definitely one horse who absolutely knows if someone likes her or not.

There are another 4 horses in my barn that I will write about over the weekend.

In the meantime, if anyone is reading this blog and has ideas or input about what they would like to hear about, please give me a shout! I'm new to this blogging thing and as far as I'm concerned, one can never get enough advice.


Mrs Mom said...


Since I am the friend you talked to, How about a whole body shot of Loosey Goosey sometime? :)

Great pics of Doodles- he looks SMASHING!!! Cant wait to see him RUN for you girl!

Loads of love going to y'all

T. said...

I will try to get a full body shot of the Loosy-Goosy as soon as I can. For some reason I can't seem to keep batteries charged in the camera. I'm actually working on getting photos AND video of her going to the track.