Friday, October 24, 2008

Just sick!

I just read a report sent by a friend who frequents the Sugarcreek Livestock auction in Ohio.
It made me sick to my stomach.

No matter how many times I see horses sent to slaughter auctions, each and every time, it makes me sick all over.

What is so wrong with mankind that they have to use everything and then discard it? Ever think humans are more like parasites than mammals? It's true. We use up everything around us. We suck what we need right out of it and then we move on to our next target. Parasites.
In the process we generally don't clean up after ourselves, either.
So, to be sure, not only do we use, abuse and suck dry every living thing around us, we make absolutely sure that we take a huge dump in the environment to top it off.

How proud are we to be called human.

What a joke!

So I'm thinking there is something I can do about some of these parasitic individuals who call themselves trainers. They give those of us who care for our charges a bad name. They should not be allowed to train horses, let alone be near horses.
I think the whole world should know who they are, by name.
Every one of these greedy, pathetic excuses for human beings should be exposed for all the world to see just what kind of "human" they really are.

Day after day, every single day, I go muck stalls, feed horses, make sure they are healthy, have everything they need, clean buckets, tubs.... how many times have I thought I could sure use a day off.
But I don't get a day off. Because I've made a commitment. When I decided to spend my life training horses, I committed myself to these awesome creatures 100%.
Seven days a week, 365 days a year, I work. If I'm going to make a living off racing these horses, then I'm going to make damned sure that they have everything they need, are taken care of to the very best of my abilites, heck of anyone's abilities.
No ifs, ands or buts about it.

They are the only reason I can provide a roof over my child's head. They are the only reason my bills are paid. They are the only reason there is food on our table. I think I owe them, not just something, but everything.

So how is it that there are trainers out there who race horses, who then don't do well (and let me tell you, they probably don't run well because their trainers have no clue what they are doing) and when they don't do well enough times, they get sent off on a trailer to the kill auction.
What is it these people actually think when they do this? Do any of them have a conscience?

What kind of lack of intelligence and integrity does it take for a person to do such a thing? Was it simply something lacking in their upbringing? Did they just have terrible parents who neglected to teach them the simplest of things about life?
Or are they just mentally challenged and their minds can't grasp simple concepts such as life, respect, care, gratefulness?

I don't know what kind of idiot it takes to be that kind of person. I can't imagine ever being that kind of person.

I do know one thing to be true: Every one of them is going to a place no one wants to go.

So I've decided to compile a list of names of trainers who are known to have sent their horses to the killers. This list will be publicly available on a website for anyone to see if they so wish.

So next time a prospective owner might think of googling the name of a trainer they are considering to train their horse, they might actually get the truth about some of these despicable individuals.

RIP Don't Jinx It - 2004 chestnut gelding by Chullo (ARG) out of Notanother Natalie
RIP Sagres - 2005 colt by Patton out of Tami Be Good

Neither could be saved from the Sugarcreek Auction this last Friday. Both were taken by the kill buyer for slaughter.

My heart just hurts thinking of these poor souls, who only ever expected the very best from their humans.


Heidi Powers said...

Hey Holy Racehorse...where are you? East Coast?

T. said...

Kentucky! Where it's getting too cold already LOL

Heidi Powers said...

Oh. Funny I didn't even consider that. Well i'm RSS you so keep up some good blogg'n!

fuglyhorseoftheday said...

Pedigree Query has some information. Don't Jinx It:

Owner: Girdner or Jones
Breeder: Applebite Farms
State Bred: CA

Nothing on Sagres, unfortunately.

Jenn said...

Why do some trainers ship off the "failures" to slaughter? Because it's all about the mighty dollar. They aren't in the sport for the horses, they are in it for the money. I think they view the horses much like a retailer views the goods on his shelves, once the goods stop selling, the stock goes. The horses are just goods, not animals.

I agree. Every trainer who has ever shipped a "failure" off to the kill auction should be banned from the sport. Permanently.

Holy Racehorse! said...

I think we're going to see that day. I can't wait!