Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Since ya asked....

Ok, ok, so I can tell you guys how to watch this race for free.
But there is a hitch.
You have to absolutely hoot and holler for Lady as loud as you can. Or I'm not sharing the secret.

One of two ways:

If you have Dishnetwork Satellite TV- (Direct TV won't work)
Channel 404 HRTV- The Horse Racing Network
They will transmit every race at Churchill Downs.
Around 4:40 pm, tune in, there should be discussion of the race coming up.
It is the 10th race, last one on the card. She'll be wearing the turquoise #9 saddle towel.
I'm dying to hear what the handicappers are going to say about her. They might not talk about her much at all. Then they'll wish they had after she runs well.
The race goes off at 5:03 pm.

If you don't have Dishnetwork, I do know you guys have a broadband internet connection, here is what you do:

Go to:
Create an account. It's free and you can opt out of any mailings if you so wish.
Once you create your account, log in.
Click on the link along the top tabs titled "Video"

There will be a list of races along the right. Make sure you have the right race date and select Race 10. It'll play for you right there, online.
I'm not sure if they play live race videos, but this is a way to watch the race once it's over.

Remember, you are honorbound to root Lady on loudly and in the most obnoxious manner possible. Race fans are the ones who coined the phrase: "Go Baby, Go!!!!"

I'm going to be praying real hard and envisioning us in the winner's circle for the next 48 hours.

I'll put up another post in a little while about our competition. Yikes!


Jenn said...

I'm so there, making a fool of myself in front of the computer monitor!

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