Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Day in the Life....

... of a Thoroughbred trainer!
I know you all are just dying to read the day-to-day happenings of a racing stable. The excitement is to die for. My charges are all wonderful, talented, well behaved athletes.

All kidding aside, I operate a small string of Thoroughbred racers. I'm pretty much a one woman operation, so there is never a lack of work with six charges in the barn.

I love my job. Getting to live your dream is quite a wonderful feeling. There is nothing like being your own boss and running things in exactly the way you see fit.
Before I hung my own shingle, I worked for some very reputable trainers. And as well as the horses were treated, I still thought about the things that I would do differently. So I finally decided I'd had enough and went out on my own.

Right off the bat, I'm not your typical Thoroughbred trainer. I do many things very differently, from everyday care to training to how my guys are treated. I believe in kindness and patience. I believe that each horse is an individual and needs to be treated as such. My guys are spoiled, yes, but they are also well behaved (for the most part), don't get man-handled and expect kindness from the people around them.

I also keep them barefoot (no shoes). I'm a firm believer that barefoot is better. Now, I have had horses with shoes on, in the past. I've run with shoes in the past. And I won't say that I'll never do it again. It all depends on the horse. Right now, all horses in my barn are barefoot. So long as it's working for them, they will stay that way.

For now, this is all the excitement I can drum up for a post. I'll make an effort and post again tomorrow and start putting up some posts that describe what we do every day.

Hey, who knows, there might be some who are interested in how I run my barn and operation?
I figure I'll just get started and let this blog take on a life of its own.

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Mrs Mom said...

LOOK at that!!!!

Wicked cool idea here Trainer Lady! ;) Cant wait to see more. Be sure to post your rehab success stories too. Cinderelli comes to mind... and Doodles... and ALL your crew there!!!

Much love to you and BEST OF LUCK here!!!