Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hold it, Buster! You are under Arrest!

Chilly day today. Chief Inspector Doodle of the Special Hay and Undercover Feed Task Force was very happy.... and busy!

Suspect (Trainer) Anne was cleaning out her van- she distributes the "Bargain Mart" magazine, those penny saver type publications.
She apparently also distributes pretty much everything else out of the back of that van- illegal substances, all, that had to be investigated carefully.

It was determined that Inspector Doodle did not need a search warrant as the vehicle was left open and unattended for more than an hour. Plain view exception and all.

Upon further investigation, it was determined by Inspector Doodle, that there was sufficient evidence present to take into custody-
first by careful examination through odor detection with special odor detection devices built right into his special police investigator horse nostrils.

Then the evidence was taken into temporary custody in the special Doodle sized jowls- notice the extra big cheeks he had built especially for the job.

It was later determined that there were illegal substances present, including but not limited to:

Alfalfa hay residue

Timothy hay


Sweet Feed crumbs and several handfuls of this illegal substance hidden beneath what appeared to be empty bags of it.

When the investigation had to be cut short due to the perpetrator's vehicle hurriedly driving off the premises, Inspector Doodle vowed to continue his investigation tomorrow upon the most likely return of the suspect with the incriminating vehicle.

In the meantime, if you should see a green, beat-up looking mini van with a distinctly loud engine, please refrain from approaching the driver. She may look harmless, but she is cunning and dangerous. She has an arsenal of devices to lure unsuspecting horses into the back of the van and convince them to do her bidding, which would most likely involve running at very high speeds in order to win large purse monies.

If you spot the suspect or the vehicle, please call 1-800-Doodle-THIS! right away.

Do not, under any circumstances attempt to apprehend the suspect on your own!

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