Thursday, February 5, 2009

Enough Already!

The great state of Kentucky has once again been through the wringer, weather-wise, that is.

I have lived in many different states and I have to tell you guys, never have I lived in one with such a sad excuse for local government, that at the same time taxes the living daylights out of its county residents. The officials are so obviously inept and most probably more interested in filling their own pockets, coupled with a "holier than thou" attitude, which shines brightly in their continued anti-smoking campaigns (helloooooooo- this is Kentucky- tobacco being one of the major crops grown here- so, can we say DUMB???)

Each time there is inclement weather, and granted the weather people are pretty much paid to lie, or best case scenario, guesstimate, one would think that when there is a freeze warning, this city would get up off its rather large and lazy arse and at least put some salt on those roads.

I could go on and on about the ineptitude and inefficiencies, let alone idiocies that take place here on a daily basis, but that's not what I'm writing this post for.

I'm writing because I am SICK AND FRIGGIN TIRED OF THIS WEATHER!!!!!!!

My horses are going nuts. The track is closed. The track. Hmmmm. What track!!!??????
You can't even see the track. You'd never know there was a track if it wasn't for the damned rail around it!

The driveway around the farm is a layer of 3 inches of ice with a light dusting of snow still visible on top. You can't walk without balancing. Thank God the shedrow is covered by the barn roof or that would be just as big a mess.

So my horses are nuts. Doodle is acting like a yearling. We're way past the two year old stage here.

Spicey had a really nice, really fast first work a couple of weeks ago. This experience has obviously put ideas in her head. She wants no part of pacing herself in any activity. She has been awakened. She looks over at the track with that faraway expression. She jumps, kicks and bucks every chance she gets.

Cindirelli has an abscess/haematoma on her stifle where she cast herself 2 weeks ago. The thing is as big as a cantaloupe. Vet friend of mine is going to lance it on Saturday. She's not in pain and it's not interfering with her gaits but just simple antibiotics and painting it has done nothing so far. It wants to come to a head but it's just taking an awfully long time. Better to take care of it now and be done with it. I took these photos with my phone today. You have to strain a bit to see but the "thing" is precisely on her right stifle.

And here is a "head on" view from the front, under her belly:

Isn't that pleasant?

Nana, the ever nutty ADHD child (gelding) is, surprisingly, the only one who is behaving no different than he really is- a mouthy fruitcake who likes to screw with anyone in reach but you gotta love his consistency!

So my girls are just waiting for the track to re-open before we get more works in and finally make it to some races! I'm wishing really hard that the worst weather is over and done with.

I hope all you guys out there are having a better time than we are. 'Cept of course Carolyn maybe.... how was that -8 degree riding weather today, girlfriend?


Mrs Mom said...

"Oh Move HERE" you chirped to me on the phone a while back. "It's GREAT here!" You said in that same conversation... ;)

Uhh.. yeah... T, you know I love you dearly, but move north from my cozy spot here in the Southland? I dont think so...

Hey- why dont YOU move HERE?! ;)

Warm thoughts your way lady!!

Shirley said...

Hope Cinderelli gets over that hematoma soon. Have you raced her yet?
Count your blessings that you don't work out of a Canadian track! Talk about snow!