Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back to Blogging!

It's been ages since I last blogged. It's been on my list of things to do. I finally have things set up and can start back. So much has happened since the last entry.

First, my business went bust. Literally. Economy hit hard. People were out of money. No one could pay their bills any longer. I folded up tent and took a job as a "barn manager" in Pennsylvania.

Well, the job was a scam and I was a glorified stall mucker through the entire winter, feeding, mucking, feeding, day in and out all winter (40 or so horses.)
I gave notice and let them have a chance and plenty of time to find a replacement.
I won't go into detail about the nuts that frequented that barn. *cough*

Racing is one of those things that get tough once in a while and you burn out. Taking a break is healthy. Telling yourself you're quitting the race track is... well, an illusion at best.
Once you go out in the non-racing horse world and you run across all the backyard experts who know everything better than anyone else, well, it's enough to pull your hair out.
It's healthier to say: I'm taking a break. Quitting the track is an impossibility.
Once a race-tracker, always a race-tracker.

In any case, I moved back to Kentucky. Economy still tough, no one is making money. There are no jobs. Better I have my own string of horses than owner's horses.
After all, I'd much rather get 100% of the purse money than 10%.

Now just to figure out where to find stalls and a place to train from...

After 3 moves (yes, you read right, THREE), I have landed, once again, back in Louisville.
I think God is trying to tell me something.
Found a barn and acres for the by now large band of broodmares and Mr. Doodle, who is a proud first time daddy. Filly born on May 12, 2011, out of Mari's Princess.
She's gorgeous, correct and has a rear end that will drop your jaw. Photos to follow.

Why am I taking horses off other trainers, figuring out their ailments and then running them, fixing them, just to have them claimed from me?
I'd rather breed and run my own!

Lots has happened in the last year and a half. It would be impossible for me to cram it all into one post, so I'm not even going to attempt it.

Needless to say, things have kept going and although it is late in the season, I am currently in the process of breeding mares. Teased today and one is ready. Breeding her tomorrow.
Another 4 mares to go. Five Doodle babies next summer, and a little late BUT I seriously doubt any of his babies will be 2-year-old runners. So, technically, I could breed in friggin' October and that'd be just fine with me *grin*.

Metro Molly, a filly I acquired last year and ran a few times, is coming back to training for the Turfway meet this fall/winter. Molly is big, gorgeous and loves to run run run. Molly also loves to turn the pasture or paddock into a racetrack. She isn't interested in being just a horse. She just wants to be a racehorse. Molly is 6 years old this year and this is her last season racing coming up. I'm getting Molly in foal (supposed to help settle her for racing) and next summer, after Turfway closes early spring, Molly can be a full-time mommy. We'll see if her baby ends up a natural racehorse like her.

I've looked forward to posting my first blog for a long time. Do I have stories to tell!!!! But just now, none of it is coming together. So bear with me, I'm sure there thoughts will start flowing soon enough.


Now That's A Trot! said...

Good to see you back. :) Can't wait to hear the stories!

Mrs Mom said...

Welcome back girl. Been thinking of you lots. Hope things pick up in a spectacular way!

Kelly Smith said...

This made me giggle - especially the part about the job in PA... and we BOTH know why!!!!! :)

Holy Racehorse! said...

Thanks, guys!!!
And Kelly, YOU just made me giggle, girl. From what I hear, nothing much has changed over in Loonyville.
Let them have at it, I say. Glad I'm not there anymore :o)