Monday, January 5, 2009

6 Things About Me Tag

Ok, so a little while ago, one of my readers, Jackie, left a comment tagging me for this "6 Things About Me Tag" Game.
My first response was the *eyeroll* with the "you're kidding, right?" mumbled somewhere in between there.

I initially ignored this tag and justified it by telling myself, that, well, I'm really not all that interesting and to be honest, thinking of 6 things about myself... is WORK! No way, dude!

Since then, a special, and undoubtedly, unjustified, amount of guilt has set in (maybe something to do with being raised in a Muslim household yet having been schooled by mean nuns with wacky, hard, wooden rulers that stung a great deal, in a Catholic School- you figure it out- the concept of guilt, which makes me do the things I would by nature put off doing. Be honest, you have one of those tiny little twinges somewhere in there, too, no?) for ignoring this kind request by a stranger who finds my ramblings interesting (go figure) and what sort of putz would forgo this type of invitation?

I guess what I'm getting at here is that the amount of hemming and hawing it took me to honor this request, coupled with thoughts of why in the world anyone would want to know 6 things about me, made it impossible for me to ignore, and here I am, playing the Tag game.

1. I was born in Asia. Specifically, in Istanbul, Turkey, which rests half in Asia and half in Europe. I did, however, grow up on the other side- in Europe- living in Turkey, then Germany, briefly in France and back and forth including stints in the United States. Yes, I am a US citizen. I am also a German and Turkish citizen. Makes me a triple citizenship person, I guess. As a result, I speak several languages fluently, including German, Turkish, sometimes English (ok, so that was a fib), used to speak French fluently and can get around in Spanish, as well. Never mind the slew of curses I know in any of the European languages. Oh, yes, and I took Chinese in college (don't ask!).

2. The first time I saw a horse, my mother had taken me to a family member's farm and she said I almost fell out of my stroller trying to get to the horse. The first time I sat on a horse was at age 2 during a pony ride at a carnival. It took 3 adults to pry my screaming bottom off the poor, tired pony.

3. I am single. Ok, correction: Technically, I am divorced. Unfortunately, the experience was so long ago and of such the unpleasant kind, I can't remember the guy's name, nor what he looked like.
This I consider to be a fortunate occurance.
A few other relationships have followed since but as of a year and a half ago, I am very happily single, do not intend to share my very valuable spare time or any of my very peaceful evenings with any other man, no matter how delightfully delicious his company may be. In the end, they all fall short of one very important requirement that I can't live without, namely, the ability to be secure enough in themselves to let me be exactly who I am without trying to change me, and, well, I just find life much, much easier and more pleasant when not only do I not sweat the small stuff, but I don't even let it into my life.
Moments of romantic swooning happen regularly when I catch a glimpse of Wesley Snipes, or the yummy guy that stars in that show "Eleventh Hour", and let's not forget Sean Connery in "First Knight"- you get the idea...

4. I have a very independent 13 year old daughter who is the polar opposite of myself as far as interests go. She is a computer/electronics genius who NEVER plays outside, rarely accompanies me to work and for the most part, we get along great.
She used to be into horses when she was younger, was a great little trail rider but it waned.
When I mentioned to her this last spring that I had been hoping that she would start galloping for me that summer, she smirked and this was her reply:
"Mother, if you want this to be a family business, I suggest you adopt another kid. You can always screen them by whether they like horses or not. You could find one who is horse crazy like you are and can even ride. And, if you need someone to help with stalls and around the barn for general chores, well, adopt another one- a boy. He'll be dumb enough to think there is some reward in all that slave labor and if he's short enough, you can even make a jockey out of him!"

5. I like horses better than I like people. I think horses are the better people. Heck, I like my dogs and cats better than I like people. In general, I find critters to be much more intelligent and intellectually stimulating than most folks I run across on a daily basis. People who don't "get" their horses, well, they obviously need to work on expanding their brain power.

6. Hold on to your seats because this one will blow your socks off:
I went to lawschool (University of Georgia), graduated in the top 1/3 of my class and realized how much I hated that particular profession, inspite of the fact that I was very good at it.
One day, my then 3 or so year old daughter came up to me and said:
"Mommy, I think you need a horse", so I literally dropped everything and went back to horses. That was almost 10 years ago.

There you have it. 6 Things About Me.

Now I'm supposed to tag 6 people, only I really don't know if I know 6 people to tag who haven't already played this game.
Come to think of it, here is an idea: If you are reading my blog and you have never been tagged, leave a comment and consider yourself tagged by me. Please leave a link to your blog so that we can all go read those unimaginably interesting things that the rest of the world does not know about us *Grin*.

Oh yea, here is Jackie's blog:


Jackie said...

A female racehorse trainer who believes in natural methods and barefeet? You can't tell me you aren't interesting. As you very much proved with your six things. Thanks for playing along and helping us get to know you better. And that's one smart 13-year-old you've got there.

And thanks for your naming suggestions for Ace ... Acesential is one of my favorites! As of now, it's between that and Happy Ace-ident.

K said...

Hello! I was just reading your posts, with much amusement I might add. Love the sarcasm - I agree wholeheartedly! I was just wondering if you have any suggestions on starting off in the thoroughbred industry for somebody who is completely out of the loop (ie: a 21yo who grew up in Maine, and unfortunately still there, who's education of horses was very limited and self-taught from books and riding the trails on old or half-wild camp horses, and starting a couple of babies under saddle)??? I'd really like to help train the youngsters or possibly exercise ride (though I'm not exactly jockey size) but I'm having trouble finding anywhere that would hire somebody without prior experience and I'm hoping you might be able to offer some advise. Anyway, I would appreciate any thoughts you have on the matter. Thanks! -K

Holy Racehorse! said...

Hi K-

not sure if you will read this response or not- feel free to email me at