Saturday, November 22, 2008

The results are in

Now that I'm over my annoyance at my jockey's inability to listen to instructions, I feel it is safe for me to share the dismal race results from Wednesday without offending every ear not belonging to a sailor.

This is what pinhead (another name for jockey) was told:
Make sure she breaks well, let her run, keep her in contention up by the front. I want her to have a good race experience.

She breaks well. She gets bumped a little within the first furlong but straightens out nicely, no problem. They head towards the first turn, our girl is coming up on the cluster of horses along the outside with another filly on her outside. You can see she is really relishing this- running as fast as she wants....
He pulls her back. He actually stands up in the stirrups to pull on her head. Her head is going every which way because she HATES being pulled (does the same thing in training when you try to rate her).
Once she settles back, he tucks her in at the back of the pack and for the rest of the race, she merrily gallops along. Coming out of the second turn, the horse behind her moves up and I'm thinking, ok, she'll make a move now, right?

Wrong! She wouldn't budge. He asked her several times and she wouldn't budge. He used the whip on her and she furiously whipped her tail up and down, she wouldn't budge.

She came back and was pissy for 2 days.

This filly can't be rated. She either gets to run like all hell or she figures, oh, I'm just here to gallop.

So, her and Aldo were not a good match.

I'm really disappointed because she has the ability to hang in this company and so far she's had 2 starts, neither of which are representative of her talents.

Pinhead tells me what a nice filly, but he doesn't think she likes the turf.
I'm thinking, I don't think she likes him.

Owner, of course, is furious that she didn't get to really run this time, either. While I can't blame him for feeling the way he does, I have no power over what happens in a race and we just have to wait for the next one.

We're probably going to Turfway Park for a race on Dec. 7. It's a short race but at least now I know what the instructions need to be:
Get her out of the gate fast and let her run like all hell.

Frustrating. Shit happens. But dang it, this better be the last time!


Mrs Mom said...

Damn T. Hey 12-7 will be a good day for you- it is my Cub's birthday ;)

Rubs to Lady from me though.... and kick that pinhead jagoff jock in the arse for me too will ya?

Jenn said...

It has got to be frustrating as all hell to watch the race and KNOW how the horse should be ridden but not be able to do a damn thing about it.

Here's to hoping she has a jockey the next time around that will let her FLY!

Bexs said...

I love your writing style. Makes me feel like I'm there.
Stinks that the race didn't go as well as it could have.